Make entertaining easy and stress-free with these tips


  • Be sure the dishwasher is completely empty and the trash has been taken out before the party begins.
  • Prep or make all food the day before if possible–prevents dishes and extra mess on the day of.
  • Use what’s in season for some extra pops of color and texture when decorating. Flowers or brightly-colored fruits, vegetables and herbs add an elegant, put together and comforting feel to the room.
  • Have a pitcher of filtered water with lemon slices and ice in it at the ready right before your guests arrive.
  • Create a perfect cheese plate:

    -Something sharp
    -Something creamy
    -Something nutty
    -Something fresh
    -Something funky

  • Shop at your local Farmer’s Market. It’s usually cheaper and everything there will be in season.
  • Invest in good-quality white dinnerware. It matches everything.
  • If eating outside don’t fight the wind. Forego the table cloth and try some earth-toned place mats instead.
  • Showcase the menu. It will make guests more interactive and spur conversation. Plus this is an ideal photo op for those who want to remember that delicious dish you made.
  • Candles are so much more than lighting. They add a touch of elegance, softness and warmth to any gathering.
  • Overhead lights are great for reading, but lamps, candles and even market string lights bring your atmosphere game to the next level.
  • Be sure your music complements the tone of your dinner party and your guests. If you’re hosting a game night, pick something that’s lively and fun, whereas if you’re hosting an intimate dinner party, keep the music to soft jazz and acoustic Spanish guitar.